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Cabinet, 2024

The forward plan of key decisions and Notice of any intention to meet in private

What is it?

The Forward Plan is a list of forthcoming decisions to be taken by Medway Council’s Leader and Cabinet and any key decisions to be taken by the South Thames Gateway Building Control Joint Committee or an officer under the Council’s executive arrangements. Subject to urgency provisions, the law requires the Council to give at least 28 clear days notice ahead of any key decision being taken under executive arrangements so that local people know about them and have an opportunity to read the related report and background papers and submit their views to the decision-maker.

The Forward Plan is always available for public inspection at Chatham Community Hub and also on the Council’s website via this webpage; please click on the newest plan listed below to find the details about the decision you are interested in, including:

Urgency provisions

Where it has not been possible to meet the 28 day rule for publication of notice of a key decision or an intention to meet in private the relevant notices will be published in the Forward Plan as soon as possible with a reason for late notification.

Cabinet meetings

Cabinet meetings are held every four weeks at Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings on the dates shown in the calendar of meetings.