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Save Rochester's Guildhall Museum Conservancy Board Building

We the undersigned petition the council to take local residents views into account and not close and sell the Conservancy Board Building. This building is home to the Guildhall Museum Part 2, which accounts for about a third of the total display space and currently holds about 8,000 objects.

This building is a huge part of the Guildhall Museum, providing not just home to thousands of important objects and paintings, but a fully alarmed storage facility which the museum needs to keep precious and dangerous objects safe. It also has a highly used and much needed fully accessible learning space, with flat access from the street for all.
It houses a highly visited Dickens display, which is a huge draw for tourists and locals looking to learn more about our most famous author.
The building is a vital part of grant-funded education programmes for 2018/19/20 which would be put at risk if the building were to close.
Local residents have been shocked to hear of plans to close this building, many claiming to have had no knowledge of this decision.
We, the people of Medway, feel that closing this building is not a decision the council can make without entering into a full and drank discussion with us, the taxpayers and users of these facilities.
We ask this to be discussed in an open forum, where everyone can put forward their views.

This ePetition ran from 04/06/2018 to 16/07/2018 and has now finished.

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