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Councillor Conduct Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor David Brake, "Sherwood House", 29 Robin Hood Lane, Walderslade Chatham, Kent, ME5 9NS, 01634 668649, 07500 959610,
Councillor Mrs Diane Chambers, 6 Mansion Row, Brompton, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5SE, 01634 842913, ,
Councillor Joanne Howcroft-Scott, c/o Medway Council, Dock Road, Chatham, , ME4 4TR, 01634 725752, 07913 849725,
Councillor Barry Kemp, 18 Herbert Road, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 9BZ, 01634 365231, 07804 893632,
Councillor Dan McDonald, 13 Elmfield, Gillingham, Kent, , ME8 6BW, 01634 927337, 07580 102024,
Councillor Martin Potter, 23 Ellison Way, Rainham, Kent, , ME8 7PL, 01634 566475, ,
Councillor Adam Price, 13 Clifton Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1NA, , , (01634) 571426, 07976 969912,
Councillor Stuart Tranter, 51 St Margaret's Street, Rochester, Kent, , ME1 1UG, 07798 885332, ,