Agenda item

Planning application - MC/22/1875 Kingdom Hall, Bloors Lane, Rainham, Gillingham

Twydall Ward

Construction of 20 houses with associated access and parking (amendment to MC/20/2696).




The Planning Manager outlined the application in detail for the construction of 20 houses with associated access and parking.


The Planning Manager confirmed that the planning history section of the report should have also referred to a planning application in August 2001, that removed 13 houses and changed the amenity land and carparking at the front. 


With the agreement of the Committee, Councillor Browne addressed the Committee as Ward Councillor and raised the following concerns.


·     The Legal Officer confirmed that even though a complaint relating to the application was with the Local Government Ombudsman the decision-making process for this application could continue in the normal way.  The Head of Planning confirmed that the complaint regarded processing the application.

·     Residents were concerned that a number of mature trees were being removed with no mention of them being replaced. They were also concerned regarding the overdevelopment of the site and loss of natural light to neighbours.

·     The S106 monies not benefitting the local area.


The Committee discussed the planning application noting the comments outlined by the Planning Manager and the points raised by the Ward Councillor. 


The Head of Planning confirmed that the site was regarded as brownfield land as it was a former landfill site. A development was previously constructed however due to subsidence had to be removed.


A request was made that if approved the details of where the S106 contributions should be directed locally should be discussed with the local Councillors.




Approved subject to: 


A   Section 106 Agreement under the terms of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 being entered into to secure the following developer’s contributions: 


  1. £20,000.00towards theupgradeof theexistingzebra crossing,on BloorsLane, in the vicinity of Thames View Primary School, to “Halo” type LEDBelishas.


  1. £1,050.00towards improvementsto signage/information andany relevant surface improvementsto theGB5/6A andassociatedpaths aroundBloors Community woodland.


  1. £96,819.84 towards expansion of schools. Specific schools have not been named as the most suitable school for expansion to address the impact of the development can change in the time between request and receipt of contribution.


  1. Nursery education: £30,985.80 
  2. Primary education: £2,173.03
  3. Secondary education: £60,261.80
  4. Sixth form education: £3,399.21


  1. £3,368.00 towards improved facilities and equipment at Rainham Library. 


  1. £4,900.00towards the development of new square/civic space in Rainham Precinct Shopping Centre and improvements to the Precinct gateway by the car park and the High Street. 


  1. £1,619.00 towards programme delivery for young people (ages 8-19 and up to 25 for with additional needs) in the Gillingham area. Which may include facilities, providing access, supplies, equipment and/or instructors.


  1. £3,888.40 towards the provision, improvement and promotion of waste and recycling services to cover the impact of the development.  


  1. £57,332.80 towards enhancement of open space facilities within the vicinity of the development.  Of which:

£54,446.16to enhanceopen spacefacilities withinthe vicinity.

£2,886.64 to Medways Metropolitan Park – Great Lines Heritage Park.


  1. £14,209.20 towardsthe provision tosupport the foundationand development of theRainham localityPrimaryCare Networkincluding thesupportinginfrastructure, IT, training and equipment 


  1. £4,117.40 towards enhancement and/or expansion of community facilities which will serve the new residents of the development.


  1. £5,517.60 towards Designated Habitats Mitigation.


B.       Conditions 1 to 21 as set out in the report for the reasons stated in the report.

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