Agenda item

Record of meeting

To approve the record of the meeting held on 18 August 2021 and the Special meeting on 2 September 2021.


The record of the meeting held on 18 August 2021 and the Special Meeting on 2 September 2021 were agreed and signed by the Chairman as correct. 


The Committee was informed of the following, approved by the Head of Planning under delegated powers in consultation with the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Opposition Spokesperson as set out on the supplementary agenda advice sheet:


Planning Committee 18 August 2021

Minute 263 (Planning application MC/21/1348 - 16 Hollywood Lane, Wainscott, Rochester


Refused on the following grounds:


1       The proposed development would represent an unacceptable form of backland development that would represent a form of development that, as a result of the use of an existing extended driveway to serve 2 additional units, would appear contrived, while the development of the rear garden area would result in a form of development out of character with area. The use of the driveway, particularly as it narrows and may result in vehicles reversing, while also increasing the number of vehicular movements directly on the boundary with no.18 Hollywood Lane would cause unacceptable noise and disturbance and therefore have an unacceptable impact on the amenities of residents of that property.  The increase in the use of the driveway and access from and egress onto Hollywood Lane would increase the likelihood of accidents on this busy road.  The proposal does not therefore comply with the backland criteria set out in Policy H9 of the Local Plan, 2003, would cause a loss of amenity contrary to Policy BNE2 of the Local Plan, while the contrived nature of the proposal and loss of a significant part of the garden would not result in a clear improvement to the area and is therefore contrary to Policies BNE1 and H4 of the Local Plan.  For these reasons the proposal is also contrary to paragraphs 71, 126 and 130 of the NPPF 2021.


2       The application fails to address the impact of the proposal on the Special Protection Areas of the Thames Estuary and Marshes and the Medway Estuary and Marshes through either the submission of details to allow the undertaking of an Appropriate Assessment or via a contribution towards strategic mitigation measures.  In the absence of such information or contribution, the proposal fails to comply with the requirement of the Conservation of Habitat and Species Regulations 2010 and is contrary to Policy BNE35 of the Medway Local Plan 2003 and paragraphs 180,181 and 182 of the NPPF.


Minute 265 – Planning application MC/21/1365 - 197 Grange Road, Gillingham


Refused on the following ground:


1       Due to the extent of projection to the front, rear and increase in height of the property, the proposal would result in a prominent form of development that is out-of-character with the line of bungalows within the immediate locality and within the context in which it sits. The proposal results in harm to the appearance of the street scene and the amenity of the adjoining neighbours at numbers 195 and 199 Grange Road in terms of overshadowing contrary to Policies BNE1 and BNE2 of the Medway Local Plan 2003 and paragraphs 126 and 130 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2021.

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