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Gateway 3 Contract Award: Refuse Collection Vehicle Fleet Replacement

Meeting: 30/04/2024 - Cabinet (Item 10)

10 Gateway 3 Contract Award: Replacement of the Medway Council Refuse Collection Vehicle Fleet pdf icon PDF 279 KB



This report requested the Cabinet’s agreement to approve the contract award for the Replacement Medway Council Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV) Fleet Contract.

The report set out that the Council had a duty to provide separate refuse and recycling collection services from residential premises in the area under Section 45 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. A suitably configured fleet of RCVs was essential to discharging this duty to over 120,000 household premises in Medway.

An exempt Appendix to the report set out financial analysis in relation to the procurement and recommended the provider the contract should be awarded to.







The Cabinet agreed to award the contract to Dennis Eagle, as they had been evaluated as the most economically advantageous against the Council’s award criteria as per the evaluation spreadsheet contained within 3.1 of the Exempt Appendix.


This option delivers the 46 vehicles required in the most cost-effective way including the following benefits:

·       Best possible buyers’ terms and conditions to mitigate procurement bottlenecks as a result of increased RCV demand following October 2023 UK Government Simpler Recycling announcement.

·       Reduced time to market ensuring quickest transition to a new fleet with associated operational, cost and climate benefits.

·       Mitigation against any future inflationary pressures by locking in prices at time of order.

·       Fleet homogeny by direct award to the only manufacturer that provided the required narrow track chassis configuration, ensuring full flexibility to deliver the statutory waste collection service.