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Gateway 1 Procurement Commencement - the Support to Live at Home Service

Meeting: 11/07/2023 - Cabinet (Item 16)

16 Gateway 1 Procurement Commencement - Support To Live At Home Service pdf icon PDF 272 KB



This report sought permission to commence the procurement of the Framework Contracts for homecare and Extra Care service. It was intended to procure a network of providers to deliver these services across Medway, which provide care and support to people in their own home and to those living in the five Medway Extra Care schemes. Medway provided homecare to approximately 1000 people. The proposed service would cover long-term homecare, enablement homecare and care provided within the five extra care schemes.







The Cabinet approvedcommencement of the procurement of the Support to Live at Home Service using Option 3, Open Market Procurement, as set out in paragraph 9.2.4 of the report.


The procurement of the Support to Live at Home Service will deliver a Homecare and extra care service that will enable the following:

·         High Quality – enhanced service for Medway residents.

·         Outcomes Focused Care – to ensure the care received meets the service users’ desired outcomes.

·         Ongoing Development - the ability to continuously develop the service, in line with innovative approaches.