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Benefits and Financial Welfare

Meeting: 10/01/2023 - Cabinet (Item 5)

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This report set out the welfare-related work underway across the Council and sought approval to develop the existing Benefits Team into a broader Benefits and Financial Welfare Service.


The report explained that since 2013 there had been significant change within the welfare state, which had driven a reduction in Housing Benefit claims. However, the migration to Universal Credit from some individuals had been paused by government, meaning the benefits service would retain approximately 2,000 claims up to 2028. Additionally, a significant element of the government’s additional financial support for individuals had been delivered through local authorities. The role of the Benefits Team in coordinating the Household Support Grant had expanded the skills and experience in the service and it was therefore proposed that the team form the basis of a broader service which would co-ordinate the work of all Council welfare support to deliver a centralised, cohesive and more efficient service to Medway’s residents. The specifics of the proposed changes were set out in section 3 of the report.








The Cabinet agreed that the Benefits Team in Finance be expanded to become a broader, centralised Benefits and Financial Welfare Service, and to incorporate the Macmillan Welfare Benefits Service currently in CABS from 1 April 2023.


The Cabinet agreed that officers continue to explore opportunities to develop the service where these benefit Medway residents and do not result in any increased net cost.




Cabinet has responsibility to ensure an effective benefits service is in place to deliver the Council’s statutory obligations.