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Capital Budget Monitoring 2022/23 - Round 3

Meeting: 07/02/2023 - Cabinet (Item 9)

9 Capital Budget Monitoring - Round 3 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 428 KB




This report presented the results of the third round of the Council’s capital budget monitoring process for 2022/23. The report explained that this forecast an overspend of £591,000 in the Children and Adults Directorate and an overspend of £420,000 in the Regeneration, Culture and Environment Directorate. The Business Support Directorate was forecast to overspend by £1,000.


The report also requested that the Cabinet agree a budget virement and to recommend to Full Council a number of additions to the Capital Programme. Details of these were set out in the report.








The Cabinet noted the results of the third round of capital budget monitoring for 2022/23, and the management actions to resolve the projected overspend in Children and Adults, which would be the subject of a future report to both Cabinet and Council.


The Cabinet agreed a virement of £748k between the Abbey Court scheme and the Bradfields scheme.


The Cabinet requested Full Council to agree an addition of £14k to the Maundene scheme to be funded by s106 contributions (MC/07/0032 Land at Hoo Road, Liberty Park), for which funds had been received.


The Cabinet requested Council to agree an addition of £25k to the Wayfield Basic Need scheme, to be funded from Basic Need grant.




Cabinet has the responsibility to ensure effective budgetary control to contain expenditure within the approved limits set by the Council.