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Gateway 3 Contract Award - Supported Accommodation and Floating Support Contract

Meeting: 26/07/2022 - Cabinet (Item 9)

9 Gateway 1 Procurement Commencement - Supported Accommodation and Floating Support pdf icon PDF 185 KB




This report requested the Cabinet’s agreement to commence the procurement of the Supported Accommodation and Floating Support Contract. Since the last contract, more specialist provision was required, particularly in the areas of mental health, child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation, autistic spectrum conditions and behaviours that challenge which would be reflected in the new framework. 


The report recommended the establishment and utilisation of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which would provide flexibility and enable access to services quickly and to meet a wide range of needs. The proposed contract term was three years (with options to extend by two further one-year periods).


The report was accompanied by an exempt appendix which set out key information in respect of financial analysis relating to the procurement.








The Cabinet agreed to pursue the procurement of Supported Accommodation and Floating Support services (as described in section 2) as per the preferred option identified in paragraph




This decision is recommended as it represents the most appropriate way to secure a viable market to support children, young people and families who access these services in Medway over the next 5 years. A DPS framework provides an appropriate level of security and stability plus flexibility moving forward in what is likely to be a challenging period, particularly in the supported accommodation sector. The framework will provide clear evidence of the skills and experience of providers to ensure children, young people and families are getting the right interventions and Medway is getting value for money.