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Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2020-21

Meeting: 05/04/2022 - Cabinet (Item 5)

5 "Bridging the Digital Gap - Improving Health Outcomes Through Digital Innovation" - Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2020 - 2021 pdf icon PDF 154 KB

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This report provided details of the Director of Public Health’s Annual Public Health Report (APHR) for 2020/21. The report stated that this edition of the APHR focused on digital exclusion and the challenge of ensuring that all residents, particularly those who would gain most benefit, were able to access digital services.


The report stated that the main focus of the APHR was digital exclusion and the Covid-19 pandemic. This had seen a rapid increase in the use of technology and resultant impact on access to online services.


The APHR had been considered by the Health and Wellbeing Board on 10 February 2022 and by the Health and by the Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 10 March 2022, details of which were set out in sections 5 and 6 of the report.


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The Cabinet noted the comments from the Health and Wellbeing Board, as set out at section 5 of the report and the comments of the Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee, as set out at sections 6 of the report.

The Cabinet noted the Annual Public Health Report 2020/21.




There is a statutory duty for Directors of Public Health to produce an Annual Report and local authorities to publish the report.