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Publication of Draft Local Plan

Meeting: 07/10/2021 - Council (Item 354)

354 Medway Local Plan pdf icon PDF 259 KB

This report outlines work to date on the draft Local Plan and sets out in detail the process for bringing forward the plan for consultation in late 2021. It also outlines the context for the preparation of the Plan, including the vision, strategic objectives and spatial strategy for Medway’s growth up to 2037, responding to key issues affecting the environment, communities and the economy.

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This report was withdrawn from the agenda and was not discussed.

Meeting: 28/09/2021 - Cabinet (Item 6)

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This report outlined the proposed publication of the draft Local Plan in the autumn (recommending it be reported to full Council on 7 October 2021). The plan would set out the vision and spatial strategy for Medway’s growth up to 2037.  This report set out the proposed process, including an updated programme in the Local Development Scheme (as set out at Appendix 1) and also the process by which the Council would seek to meet the Duty to Cooperate on cross border strategic planning matters. It was also stated during the meeting that the consultation period was recommended to be extended to eight weeks from six weeks.


The vision for the plan would promote Medway’s role as a city with revitalised centres and waterfront sites; growth which would be fit for the future. The policy areas in the plan would cover: development strategy and site allocations; housing, employment; retails and centres; natural environment; built environment; health and communities; infrastructure; transport; minerals; waste and energy. 


A Diversity Impact Assessment would be prepared for the publication of the draft Local Plan.


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The Cabinet agreed that the draft Local Plan be reported to Full Council on 7 October 2021, seeking approval to publish the plan for representations for an extended period of 8 weeks from publication and recommended the Regeneration, Culture and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee to consider holding a meeting on 2 February 2022 to consider the item.


The Cabinet approved the publication of the Medway Local Development Scheme, 2021, as set out at Appendix 1 to the report, as the formal programme for the preparation of the Medway Local Plan.


The Cabinet agreed to delegate authority to the Director of Place and Deputy Chief Executive to, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Planning, Economic Growth and Regulation and the Head of Planning, to sign Statements of Common Ground on behalf of the Council on cross border strategic planning matters, as part of the requirements under the Duty to Cooperate.




To confirm the timely progress of the publication of the draft Local Plan.


To provide an updated formal programme for the preparation of the Local Plan.


To provide a robust and effective governance process supporting the legal Duty to Cooperate.