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2020/21 Year End Outturn

Meeting: 08/06/2021 - Cabinet (Item 4)

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This report provided details of the final revenue and capital outturn position for the financial year ended 31 March 2021. The report stated that these figures would form part of the Council’s Statement of Accounts, which would be considered by the Audit Committee in Autumn 2021.


The report also presented a summary of debts written off during the 2020/21 financial year, in line with the constitutional requirement to submit a report to Cabinet on an annual basis setting out details of all debt written off.


The report advised that, at its meeting on 20 February 2020, the Council had set a total budget requirement of £323.365million for 2020/21. Following this, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic more than £108million of additional grant funding including the second, third and fourth tranches of non-ringfenced grant worth £16.441million, had been added to the revenue budget, taking the final outturn budget requirement to a total of £429.840million. In addition, the second claim against the Government’s income compensation scheme had been submitted during the year with a third completed in May 2020. An estimate of £7.033million had been included within the outturn position in respect of that scheme.


The report also requested that the Cabinet approve a budget virement of £750,000 in relation to the High Needs Special Places Provision Scheme and a virement of £499,000 in relation to the Britton Farm Residential Scheme.


Decision number:


The Cabinet noted the 2020/21 revenue and capital outturn position.


The Cabinet approved the virement of £750,000 from the SEN School scheme to fund the pressure on the High Needs Special Places Provision scheme, as set out in section 8.2 of the report.


The Cabinet approved the virement of £499,000 from the Britton Farm Residential Scheme to the Medway Development Co Ltd holding scheme, to fund expenditure on future Medway Development Company (MDC) schemes, as set out in section 8.5 of the report and detailed in the Round 3 Capital Budget Monitoring Report presented to Cabinet on 2 March 2021.




Cabinet is the body charged with the executive management of the Council’s budget and it is therefore important for the final outturn to be reported to Cabinet.