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Council Plan Performance Monitoring and Risk Register Review - Quarter 4 and End of Year 2020/2021

Meeting: 04/05/2021 - Cabinet (Item 7)

7 Council Plan Performance Monitoring and Risk Register Review Quarter 4 and End of Year 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 521 KB

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This report provided details of how the Council had performed during quarter 4 in 2020/21 against the Council’s three priorities and the actions being taken to improve performance.


There were 48 Council Plan measures for 2020/21, of which it was possible to report on 37 as one was data only and 10 were not available for the reporting quarter. In summary, 26 out of 37 measures had met or exceeded target, 2 were slightly below target and 9 were significantly below target.


The report explained that risk owners had reviewed and updated their risks, which had subsequently been reviewed and agreed by the Strategic Risk Management Group on 3 April 2021, with there being one change to current residual risk scores which related to risk SR26 (Non-delivery of Children’s Services Improvement) which was being changed from  AII (likelihood very high, impact major) to CII (likelihood significant, impact major) to reflect the improvements in Children’s Services and the confirmation that the Council would continue to run its own Children’s Services. The report explained that there was one addition to the strategic risk register as agreed during the quarter 3 risk review, risk SR50 (Delivering £170m Housing infrastructure fund programme) which had been added.


The report noted that the report would be considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Committees during June and July 2021.


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The Cabinet noted Q4 2020/21 performance against the measures used to monitor progress against the Council’s priorities.



The Cabinet agreed the amended Strategic Risk Register set out at Appendix 5 to the report and in doing so:

1)    noted the addition of a new risk to the Strategic Risk Register – SR50: Delivering £170m Housing infrastructure fund programme.

2)    noted the reduction in risk score from AII to CII for risk SR26 (Non[1]delivery of Children’s Services Improvement).

3)    noted the 2020/21 risk summary in sections 2.6 to 2.11.



Regular monitoring of performance and risks by management and Members is best practice and ensures achievement of corporate objectives.