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Housing Enforcement and Licensing Policy

Meeting: 12/05/2020 - Cabinet (Item 4)

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This report provided details of the proposed Housing Enforcement and Licensing Policy which had been revised following a review of technical and legislative amendments, enacting the relevant provisions of the Housing Act 2004 and Housing and Planning Act 2016. The Policy set out enforcement criteria regarding private rented sector housing and the range of legislative tools the Council could use to improve conditions.


The new Housing Enforcement and Licensing Policy aimed to ensure:

·         Good quality, healthy housing for households renting in the Private Sector and to prioritise action to those homes which presented the greatest risks to Health and Safety;

·         Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) were safe and well managed and all relevant Management Regulations were adhered to;

·         All licensable HMOs were licensed and complied with current licence conditions and all relevant Management Regulations.


The draft Policy had been consulted on and details of the outcomes were set out at section 7 of the report. The Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Housing and Community Services proposed a change to the wording of the Policy, at section 7.1, which was amended to read; “People immigrating to the UK, who require a visa, must provide evidence to the Home Office that the housing they propose to move in to would be free from any category 1 & 2 hazards”.


A Diversity Impact Assessment had been undertaken and was attached at Appendix 2 to the report.


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The Cabinet agreed to adopt the Housing Enforcement and Licensing Policy, as set out in Appendix 1 to the report, subject to the rewording at section 7.1 of the Policy, as detailed above.




The Housing Enforcement and Licensing Policy 2020 responds to the key changes to the legislation, whilst providing the legal basis for general enforcement activity.