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Recommissioning of Medway Child Health Services

Meeting: 20/12/2016 - Cabinet (Item 18)

18 Gateway 1 Procurement Commencement: Medway Integrated Child Health Service pdf icon PDF 82 KB




The report sought approval from the Cabinet to commence the procurement process for the Medway Integrated Child Health Service. The report had been approved for submission to the Cabinet after review and discussion at the Public Health Directorate Management Team Meeting and the Procurement Board.


The individual services to be included in the tender were set out in paragraph 1.2.3 of the report.


A Diversity Impact Assessment had been undertaken on the proposals, as set out in Appendix 1 to the report.


An Exempt Appendix contained key information in respect of the financial analysis and the draft outcomes framework


Decision number:



The Cabinet approved the commencement of the procurement of a new integrated Medway Child Health Service as set out in paragraph 1.2.3 of the report and on the basis set out in paragraph 4.2.1 of the report.




To ensure families in Medway are better served by a new integrated Child Health Service and to allow for financial efficiencies to be made by the Council and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group in 2018/19.