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Protect the Peninsula from volume house building

We the undersigned petition the council to announce a moratorium on volume house building on the Hoo Peninsula with immediate effect, pending further investigation. No new planning approvals should be considered for sites with more than five houses and no new building work should start

Reasons to sign:

• Housing development in Medway would be better directed to creating a thriving, vibrant, new urban complex in the centre of Chatham.
• A large proportion of proposed houses to be built on the Hoo Peninsula are targeted at inward migration from London.
• The agricultural land on the peninsula: 1) cannot be replaced once lost, 2) is important to the local economy, 3) can support self-sufficiency and 4) will be vitally important after Brexit.
• The Hoo Peninsula is internationally recognised as an important wildlife habitat, especially for migratory birds, a leisure resource and a green lung within Medway and beyond.
• Air quality in the Medway area is very poor and will be negatively impacted by the increased volumes of houses, traffic and pollution that will replace green fields.
• Climate change is increasing the risk of flooding on a substantial area of low-lying land on the peninsula.
• As the climate alters, the underlying clay of the Hoo Peninsula will expand more in wetter winters and shrink more in drier summers, making house foundations and infrastructure substantially more expensive than those on the chalk that underlies the rest of Medway.

This ePetition ran from 24/03/2019 to 06/10/2019 and has now finished.

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