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Save Lower Rainham / Lower Twydall Farmland from Development

We the undersigned petition the council to REJECT all applications for any large scale development in and around the important green lung of the Lower Rainham and Lower Twydall farmland and greenfields (including, but not limited to, the proposal for 1250 dwellings in the Pump Lane area, and proposals to the north of Rainham).

We are against any large scale development in and around the green agricultural area of the Lower Rainham and Lower Twydall farmland. Any development of this area would be both unsustainable and very damaging to the local community due to limited infrastructure (namely the Lower Rainham Road and adjoining rural lanes), impact on the area's unique rural character, loss of prime agricultural land, proximity to Riverside Country Park and the wider countryside amenity, impact on local wildlife, and the burden that would be placed on the existing local services and facilities. The proposals would also remove a significant area of the greenfield buffer that prevents a continuous sprawl of urban coalescence between Lower Rainham, Twydall and Gillingham. We encourage the land owners (namely AC Goatham & Son), to think again, and if they do not wish to farm the land, then please sell the land to those who do possess the will, capability, and capacity to farm. We urge Medway Council to back the clearly expressed views of local residents, supported in this cause by their Councillors, to stand up for localism by rejecting any applications for all the reasons stated.

This ePetition ran from 17/11/2018 to 23/01/2019 and has now finished.

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