Agenda item

Record of meeting

To approve the record of the meeting held on 24 July 2019.


The record of the meeting held on 24 July 2019 was agreed and signed by the Chairman as correct. 


The Chairman referred to the supplementary agenda advice sheet and informed the Committee of the following which had been agreed by the Head of Planning under delegated powers in consultation with the Chairman and opposition spokesperson:


Minute 174 – Planning application MC/18/2437 – Land West of 65 Layfield Road, Gillingham


Refusal grounds


1          The proposal will result in development on land which is allocated as proposed open space, and the site currently forms part of a visual open space within an otherwise dense urban area on the southern side of Pier Road. The proposal will start to erode into this visual and proposed open space to the detriment of the character of the area. The application area also includes protected species and the proposal to relocate the species onto the adjacent land and allocate such land as public open space is in conflict and may lead to harm to those ecological interests, particularly as the applicant has not agreed to long term maintenance of that area. The proposal is therefore contrary to the provisions of Policies L6, BNE1, BNE37 and BNE39 of the Medway Local Plan 2003 and paragraphs 124, 127, 170 and 175 of the NPPF 2019.


2          The proposal will add to existing traffic and vehicle manoeuvring issues along Layfield Road, which is heavily parked on street with little provision for turning.  The proposal is therefore contrary to the provisions of Policies BNE2, T1 and T2 of the Medway Local Plan 2003.


3          The proposal by virtue of it layout and design would result in an overdevelopment of the site that would be both out of character with the area and also result in unacceptable overlooking of adjacent residential gardens. The proposal is therefore contrary to the provisions of Policies BNE1 and BNE2 of the Medway Local Plan and paragraphs 124, and 127 of the NPPF 2019.


Minute 175 – Planning application MC/19/0273 - Garage Block rear of 15-17 Doddington Road, Twydall, Gillingham


Refusal ground


The proposed development due to the backland location with restricted means of access from Doddington Road would result in a form of development that present a poor relationship to surrounding area with poor means of access. The proposal as such would result in overdevelopment of this backland site and would not maintain the character and amenity of the area as a whole. The proposal is therefore contrary to Policy H9 of the Medway Local Plan, and paragraphs 124 and 127 of the NPPF.


Minute 180 – Planning application – MC/19/1022 - 142 Snodhurst Avenue, Horsted, Chatham


It was confirmed that a new Tree Preservation Order had been made and came into effect on 14 August 2019.


Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


The Head of Planning referred to discussion by the Committee on 24 July 2019 concerning climate change and energy efficiency and confirmed that a section on these issues would now be included in all planning applications for one or more dwellings.

Supporting documents: