Agenda item

Planning application - MC/18/2553 - White Road Community Centre, White Road, Chatham

Chatham Central


Development of existing open space to provide 20 no. affordable dwellings, landscaping and associated car parking.





The Head of Planning outlined the planning application in detail and informed the Committee that this proposed development would be on a section of open space with the school field remaining undeveloped. He advised that the application site was in poor condition and suffered from anti-social behaviour. Whilst no replacement open space was to be provided in lieu of that lost under this proposal, a new play area and equipment would be provided for the pre-school, operating out of the community centre. Furthermore, a payment of £2,484 was to be secured by way of Section 106 funding towards enhancement of the Perry Street open space.


Other benefits arising from this proposal included improved safety for users of the Community Centre and the provision of affordable housing.


With the agreement of the Committee Councillor Maple addressed the Committee as Ward Councillor and made the following comments:


·         He supported the view expressed by officers that this open space site had been poorly maintained and was the subject of anti-social behaviour.

·         He confirmed that residents had been fully aware of the proposed development and only two individuals had submitted objections.

·         Referring to the proposed Section 106 agreement, he sought clarification as to whether the contribution of £8,788.30 for youth services referred to on page 69 of the agenda under planning application MC/18/2406 (Whiffens Avenue car Park, Whiffens Avenue, Chatham) should be included within the proposed Section 106 agreement for this planning application.

·         He referred to the proposed allocation of funding for enhancement of Perry Street Open Space and suggested that this be the subject of discussion with Ward Councillors as Perry Street Open Space was not necessarily the closest open space to the application site.

·         He requested that the Nursery and Greenvale Infants School be specifically named under proposed condition 6 as consultees on the Construction Management Plan.

·         He suggested that the Committee may wish to consider introducing a policy that any housing development that includes more than 10 houses should require provision of electric car charging points and that this should be included at this site.

·         He sought clarity on the issue of whether the land was protected by a Covenant.

·         He suggested that an informative be added to any planning permission suggesting that the developer work with Greenvale Infants School for the naming of the new road.


The Committee discussed the application and it was suggested that funding should be set aside for improvements to the open space at this site at the outset rather than wait to assess the level of surplus funding available after completion of the work at the Town Hall Gardens.


Following discussions, it was suggested that whilst the application was broadly acceptable with the proposed conditions and informative suggested by the Ward Councillor, further discussions be held with Ward Councillors and a report be re-submitted to this Committee at a later date on the application of funding for improvements to the open space at this site.


The Head of Planning advised that the proposed Section 106 contributions had been set having regard to viability assessments and the level of funding for enhancement of open spaces had been set in consultation with officers in Greenspaces. It was considered that there would be sufficient funds available to cover works at both the Town Gardens site and for the enhancement of facilities closer to this site.




Approved subject to:


a)            The applicant entering into an agreement under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act to secure:


i)       A contribution of £3,377.20 towards waste and recycling activities related to the development.


ii)      A contribution of £123,195.37towards education and the provision of nursery, primary and secondary school places.


iii)     A contribution of £1,528.40 towards youth services to support creative art sessions for young people in the local area for ages 8-19 and up to 25 for people with disabilities.


iv)    A contribution of £4,792.20 towards bird disturbance mitigation measures.


v)      A contribution of £12,341.00towards the purchase of equipment and infrastructure for a new Healthy Living Centre in the Chatham Central locality.


vi)    A contribution of £2,484.00 towards the enhancement of open space facilities at Perry Street or a site to be agreed with Ward Councillors.


b)            The Head of Planning investigating whether the contribution of £8,788.30 for youth services referred to on page 69 of the agenda under planning application MC/18/2406 (Whiffens Avenue Car Park, Whiffens Avenue, Chatham) should be included within the proposed Section 106 agreement for this planning application, and if so, this also be included in the above Section 106 agreement.


c)            Conditions 1 – 18 as set out in the report for the reasons stated in the report, it being noted that the Head of Planning will discuss with Ward Councillors the possible inclusion of the Nursery and Greenvale Infants School being referred to in condition 6.


d)            A new condition to require that electrical car charging points be included within the development. 


e)            The Section 106 funding allocated for enhancement of open space in the vicinity of this development be the subject of discussion with Ward Councillors and be reported to a future meeting of this Committee.


f)             An informative that Greenvale Infants School be invited to assist in the selection of a name for the new road for this development. 


g)            The Head of Planning providing Members of the Committee with clarity concerning the covenant covering this section of land outside of the meeting.


h)            The suggestion that electric car charging points be included as a requirement for all residential developments of 10 or more houses be noted by officers for future consideration.

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